Scores for printing off as required

You can download and set these Mp3 files to play as a group in media player, so you can have them playing in a loop in the background whilst getting on with your day, they will sink in and you will just have to read the words

The selected voice will play louder from the left speaker / chanel, the other parts are quieter from the right chanel.

2020 concerts (Cancelled due to COVID)    Scores        Mp3s

2021/2 Concerts in June 2022       Scores        Mp3s

2022 Concerts in December2022   Scores    Mp3s

2023   concerts December 2023:     Scores and Mp3 files here

2024 Concerts May 2024 & Dec 2024:    Scores and Mp3 files here


Christmas and Armistice day            Scores & Mp3s